miércoles, 22 de abril de 2009

Lyric -- Exploited teens (la favorita de Kane)


All your Daughters
they ll come to leave your heart ashtray
youth of heartless
All the way to the personal decay

X-rated generation
adrenaline injection
bad mother feeds dissaster of selfdestruction destination

All your daughters
they r waiting for the rise
dont waste your time in prayers
you know this world aint a paradise

We're the one about your mother warned you out
here come the Exploited Teens doncha hera them scream & shout!?
maybe too hard to see
but never enought to me
so become an exploited teen

All your Daughters
like nightime rebels without a cause
all Punks & Rockers!
and riot action fixed whores


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ALBA dijo...

me dejasteis en comentario en el fotolog sobre el blog, me encanta DD, hace mucho tiempo, en verano creo, vi un articulo en una revista y busce canciones de ellos en youtube y tal y me encantan :)
esta genial el blog gracias x avisar =)